5 reasons to choose clothing made in Finland

By buying a garment made in Finland, you know that it has been produced with people’s wellbeing and workers’ rights as a priority. In Finland we are guided by strict laws that ensure humane working times and conditions, paid annual holidays and family leaves and freedom of association.

2. Finnish law is also making sure that for example no harmful chemicals will end up in the environment and waste will be treated accordingly. All PaaPii’s clothing are made in our own sewing factory in Kokkola, Finland out of organic and certified materials. Because the production is literally in our own hands, we have information about the materials, production techniques, energy forms, waste amounts and delivery methods. With this information we can improve and make our production even more environmentally friendly and transparent.

3. A Finnish product, sold in Finland will benefit entire communities through several taxes. The taxes are used to support for example healthcare, education, foreign aid, cultural institutions and other public services.

4. Finnish manufacturing take responsibility, which shows in quality and professional pride – we want to produce as good and long-lasting products as possible. At PaaPii design and production cooperate closely, product development and realizations move in both directions. Direct feedback from customers also guides our work. If a seam breaks, we can repair it.

5. Finnish clothes aim for longevity and timelessness. At PaaPii we also strive to design and make functional clothes. We want our customers to feel good when wearing PaaPii clothes. The prints and colours gives our customer the possibility to highlight and express their personalities.