Succes in the comparsion of sustainability

Our sustainable actions and communication according to it have been noticed

PaaPii Design has been ranked in the best category in a comparison of sustainability, completed by Eetti (Eettisen kaupan puolesta ry. Rank a brand -report evaluated 35 Finnish clothing brands on their actions concerning climate, environment- and human rights as well as transparency. The evaluation was implemented by Eetti’s volunteer actives in the spring of 2020, by comparing the information concerning sustainability found in the companies’ websites. 

The brands were listed in five different categories from A to E according to the points they received. PaaPii Design ranked in the best category with 25 points. Points were especially received from the fact that we have our own factory in Kokkola, Finland. To us, having our own factory equals quality, flexibility, sustainable and ethical production, and employment. It has always been important to us that our clothes are made in Finland – this way we can assure responsible manufacturing. For instance, we can truly control our form of energy as well as the usage of plastic. About 50-60 % of the energy used in our factory is being produced by two renewable sources of energy – solar panels and a geothermal heating. 

We make sustainable and responsible decisions, and gladly inform you more about them. Our production is based on positivity, sustainability, and on the fact that our clothes are made in Finland. You can learn more about it here.

Our solution to the challenges in the clothing industry is to make our clothes in our own sewing factory – and that is why we especially appreciate this acknowledgment. From the very beginning, we here at PaaPii have been open about our actions based on our strong values. This comparison has opened our eyes to the things we still need to improve. We hope that we can show the way to other clothing brands as well – let’s do things responsibly and with a good conscience. We can progress and build this industry together!

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