Wonderful merino wool

Merino wool is an excellent material for cooler season, due to its ability to regulate body temperature. A garment or an accessory made of merino wool is wonderfully soft and it won’t irritate your skin. From our delightful merino wool collection, you will find warm and colourful merino clothes and accessories, designed and made in Finland. 

Our merino wool is mulesing -free, and it is knitted in northern Finland, just a short car ride away from our sewing factory. The yarn used in our merino fabrics come from Germany and they are dyed in Italy. From there, they will journey to Kalajoki, Finland, where they will be knitted to fabric. Then a short trip to Nivala for the fabrics to be washed and cut. After this they arrive to PaaPii’s own sewing factory in Kokkola, and the making of the clothes can begin! All of our merino clothes and accessories are made with love and solar power!

Here is a video of our merino wool fabric being knitted in Kalajoki.

After the knitting the spools are left with some yarn that can not be knitted into one colored fabric anymore. These ”left over yarns” will be knitted together to make a lovely striped merino fabric. We don’t want any of this wonderful material to go to waste!

Soft merino wool is an exquisite material and with the right treatment it will maintain its high quality for a long time. We recommend a delicate wash in 30 degrees for merino wool clothes and accessories. Tumble drying should be avoided. Merino wool clothing can lose its shape if left to hang while wet. Therefore we recommend flat drying.