Made in Finland

We consider it important, that all our clothes are produced in our own sewing factory in Finland. By being in charge of our own production, we are able to ensure a traceable and transparent clothing production, with high-quality and ethical standards in our practices.

At the moment PaaPii’s own sewing factory has the capacity to produce 1300 pieces of clothing per week. The factory is located in Kokkola, in Western Finland, an area that has a long history of textile industry. At PaaPii we think it is important to take care and preserve the local knowledge of how to manufacture clothing. Today PaaPii employs over 10 skilled makers.

The Finnish environment and mentality is also an endless source of inspiration visible in prints, quirky themes and natural materials. The physical working environment gives a natural pace to our collections, that prefer following the changing seasons and a timeless scandinavian design aesthetic, with a hint of nostalgia.