Printed sweatshirt knit

High-quality sweatshirt knit for delightful sewing projects

In PaaPii's assortment, you will find printed sweatshirt knits in fantastic colours and motifs. The colourful animal and nature motifs are perfect for both everyday wear and festive occasions. With PaaPii's stretchy sweatshirt knits, you can sew comfortable clothes for the whole family. The material consists of 96% organic cotton and 4% elastane. Sweatshirt knit is soft and comfortable, making it suitable for many different uses.

We only use certified non-toxic organic materials in our collection and prioritize locally produced products. High-quality and organic fabrics are designed in Finland and manufactured in Europe. With sweatshirt knits, you can create fantastic clothes and accessories. Sew clothes for children, women, and men using PaaPii's fun sweatshirt knits. Our printed sweatshirt knits make it easy to sew various garments for yourself or the whole family. Sweatshirt knit is excellent for all types of styles – from casual to more sporty!

Wondering what type of clothes to sew next?

In PaaPii's pattern books, you will find patterns for the most popular clothes for women and children. The pattern collection will assist the hobby seamstress for many years to come. The pattern book for children includes patterns for both boys and girls: sweatshirts, sweatpants, dresses, and tunics. The pattern book for women includes many patterns from dresses to sweatshirts, and men are not forgotten either! As a rule, the patterns are designed for stretchy fabrics, making sweatshirt knit an excellent choice. Explore our assortment of fabrics and find the one that suits your needs. With the help of the pattern book, you can find inspiration for the most fantastic outfits. Children love playful and colourful fabrics that invite play. Sweatshirt knit is optimal for different seasons, also for adults.

What does it mean that a PaaPii fabric can be cut in both directions?
PaaPii fabrics that can be cut in both directions can be cut with the pattern facing up and down. Examples of this are our motifs Rubus, Plait, and Pebbles. Fabrics with figures or vehicles like Nuutti and Machines cannot be cut in both directions. Cutting the fabric in both directions is economical because the patterns can be placed upside down, resulting in less waste.