PaaPii's wonderful designer fabrics as part of your dream sewing projects

Welcome to our fabric selection! This category is just for you if you want to make clothes, accessories, and other handicraft projects yourself! Choose your favorite from our wide range of fabrics. There is no age limit to start sewing!

Fabrics in multiple colours and motifs for various purposes

In PaaPii's fabric selection, you'll find solid-coloured and printed jersey fabrics, solid-coloured and printed sweatshirt knit, striped and solid-coloured ribbing fabrics, cotton fabrics, merino wool, and 100% cotton jacquard.

With the fun printed jersey fabrics and sweatshirt knits, you can sew charming and comfortable clothes, with merino wool, you can make warm accessories, and with cotton fabrics, you can sew beautiful curtains. In our assortment, you'll find fabrics for all purposes!

Our online store is open every day of the week. So, you can shop directly whenever inspiration strikes! Our ordering unit is 1 piece, which corresponds to 10 cm. If you need knitted fabric, for example, 50 cm, then you would select a quantity of 5. If you choose 25 pieces as the ordering unit, you'll receive fabric in a length of 250 cm.