Cotton Fabrics

PaaPii's range includes printed cotton fabrics in fantastic colours and motifs 

Colourful animal and nature motifs are perfect for everyday wear, festive occasions, and decorating children's rooms. Cotton fabric is suitable as curtain fabric and adds a beautiful decorative touch. You can also sew comfortable clothing for the whole family from our fabrics.

PaaPii's cotton fabric is 100% cotton, and satin cotton is 100% organic cotton. The non-elastic cotton fabric is easy to work with in interior and clothing projects. With cotton fabric, you can create fantastic curtains, sheets, or cushion covers. From PaaPii's fabric collection, you can also make lovely clothes for children and adults. Cotton does not itch or irritate the skin, making it a gentle material for sensitive skin. Cotton fabric breathes and feels comfortable against the skin, making it suitable for many different uses.

With our fabrics, you can sew lovely clothes and accessories

Sew clothes for the whole family with PaaPii's fun printed cotton fabrics. Skirts, dresses, shirts, and other beautiful items can be made from our fabrics in no time. Also, try making various types of accessories. Wondering what type of clothes to sew next? Sew clothes for the whole family with PaaPii's fun printed cotton fabrics.

In PaaPii's pattern books, you will find patterns for the most popular clothes in our range for women and children, as well as a t-shirt pattern for men! The pattern collection will assist the hobby seamstress for many years to come. The children's pattern book includes patterns for both boys and girls: sweatshirts, sweatpants, dresses, and tunics. In the pattern book for women, you will also find a pattern suitable for non-elastic cotton fabric.

Discover our assortment of fabrics and find the one that suits your needs

With the help of the pattern book, you can find inspiration for the most fantastic outfits and accessories. Children love playful and colourful fabrics that invite play. Cotton fabric is perfect for different seasons, even for adults.

How to order our fabrics from our online store

Our fabrics are priced in units of 10 centimeters. Therefore, one ordering unit is 10 cm of fabric. If you need, for example, 50 cm, choose 5 pieces. In our online store, you can select the quantity you need and purchase multiple fabrics in one order. Seasonal fabrics always arrive in time for our online store so that you can create beautiful clothes for important occasions. We always inform about our products and pre-sales before our fabrics are released. Explore our assortment of fabrics and find your favorite in our online store!

Can I sew products for sale from the sewing patterns in PaaPii's pattern book?
The sewing patterns in PaaPii's pattern book are intended for private use only, meaning they cannot be used to sew products for sale.

Do I need to wash PaaPii fabrics before I start sewing?
We recommend washing the fabric before sewing as it may shrink. If you don't wash the fabric before sewing, take into account potential shrinkage during washing when choosing the size.