Fabrics & Sewing

PaaPii's organic cotton fabrics

In our Fabrics & Sewing category, you will find everything you need to sew clothes, accessories, and home decor! This category is intended for those who want to create clothes, accessories, and other craft products themselves. Here you will find PaaPii's organic cotton fabrics, sewing accessories, and PaaPii pattern books.

Fabrics in all colours and motifs for various purposes

PaaPii's fabric assortment includes solid and printed jersey fabrics, solid and printed sweatshirt knits, striped and solid ribbing fabrics, cotton fabrics, merino wool, and jacquard fabrics. You can sew cozy and comfortable clothes from jersey and sweatshirt knits, warm accessories from merino wool, and beautiful curtains from cotton fabrics. In our range, you will find fabrics for all purposes!

Everything you need for your home sewing studio

Once you have chosen the fabrics you need for your sewing project, you can find the right threads and other sewing supplies in our assortment. Zippers, needles, measuring tape – everything you need is available in one place. Whether you are sewing a beanie or sweatpants, you will find the appropriate pom poms and elastic bands with us. If you want to sew but don't know what, you can get help from our pattern books.

In the women's pattern book, you will find PaaPii's patterns for women's clothes, and in the children's and the baby pattern book, you will find PaaPii's patterns for children's and babies clothes. All you need is imagination and inspiration – we'll take care of the rest!

Can I get a custom-made PaaPii garment in the fabric of my choice and tailored to my measurements?
PaaPii clothes are produced in large batches. Unfortunately, we do not have the ability to make individual customer customizations.

What does solid-coloured PaaPii fabric mean?
In solid-coloured fabrics, the underside and topside are of the same base colour. For example, gray as a base colour with black printed on top as a reinforcing colour. If there is white on the fabric, the fabric is always printed on a white background.