PaaPii is a genuinely responsible Finnish design company. We value the fact that our clothes are positive, sustainable, and made in Finland. Sustainability to us means an ongoing development – we want to make clothes, that are as pure and high on quality as they can be. We make all our clothes out of certified organic cotton in our own sewing factory in Kokkola, Finland.

Responsibility to us means ethically right and sustainable choices. We prioritize our choices on the environment and on the health of our workers and customers. We work continuously to find the best possible solutions for our production, and our decisions are guided by our strong values.

Sustainable design

A sustainable product is long-lasting in materials as well as design. Paapii’s print designs and clothing lines are timeless, and our own production enables flexibility – we are able to produce just the right amount considering the demand and our customers wishes. To us, high-quality design is unique, timeless, and recognizable with a strong base of values. 

PaaPii’s colour palette is solid and stays unchangeable from season to another. With it you can easily combine older and newer fabrics and clothes together. A textile should not expire though the seasons and years pass by. The unchangeable colour palette enables also preparing and modifying clothes when a child has grown out of them.  

We want to prepare clear everyday clothes that can be used at home as well as at work. Though our print designs may change, our clothing line does not. The well-proven and already existing designs stay in production season after another – which enables the fact, that you can find your favourite piece in all our new clothing lines! This is also why PaaPii does not have any sales based on seasons – our clothes stay current no matter the season. Well maintained clothes can be used again and again!

Made in Finland

We consider it important, that all our clothes are produced in our own sewing factory in Finland. By being in charge of our own production, we are able to ensure a traceable and transparent clothing production, with high-quality and ethical standards in our practices. At this moment PaaPii’s own sewing factory has the capacity to produce 1300 pieces of clothing per week. The factory locates in Kokkola, in Western Finland, an area that has a long history of textile industry. At PaaPii we think it is important to take care and preserve the local knowledge of how to manufacture clothing. 

About 50-60% of all the power PaaPii uses is produced out of two renewable energy sources – our factory has solar panels on the roof and a geothermal heat pump. The rest of the electricity we use is bought from a local power plant (Kokkolan Energia), and it is green power, which has a European GO -certificate. Therefore, all the power we use in our factory is produced completely out of renewable energy sources!

If you want to learn more about us, you are more than welcome to come and meet us. We will gladly show you around and tell you more!

You will find PaaPii's headquarter and factory shop in this adress: Terminaalikatu 7, 67700 Kokkola, Finland

Contact our customer service by email or phone +358 50 3101 443

We are happy to help you during our opening hours: Mon – Fri  9-17, Sat 10-14


Nature is the biggest inspiration to PaaPii’s pattern design and material choices. We use pure, ecological, and certified natural materials as organic cotton and mulesing-free merino wool. We choose our partners as carefully as we take care of our own production. We select our partners as close by as we can and we favour long term relations, making it possible for us to improve the industry together.

97% of PaaPii’s clothes are made of organic cotton. All PaaPii’s jersey and sweatshirt knits are made of GOTS- and Ökotex -certified organic cotton, knitted and printed in Lithuania. The GOTS –certificate endures that the fabrics are made organically and ethically from start to finish. The GOTS –applicant must fulfill the minimum criteria of ILO –contract, and it guarantees fair pay, a contract of employment, safety and denies child labour among other things. Öko tex on the other hand makes sure that the fabric is safe for the environment and for sensitive skin, and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals as formaldehydes, pesticides or heavy metal residues. Both certificates are being controlled by a detached third party. 

PaaPii’s mulesing-free merino wool is knitted in Kalajoki, just a short distance away from our sewing factory in Kokkola. 

In 2019 we started using YKK’s Natulon zippers – which are very high in quality and more environmentally friendly option. Our zippers are produced from recycled plastic. Our selection includes also products made from wood and paper. Trays, cutting boards and pan coasters are made of Finnish birch veneer, and added an environmentally friendly melamine surface for them to withstand heath and friction. Postcards and gift-wraps are made of Finnish paper in Pietarsaari, our neighbour town.

Packaging and shipments

Since PaaPii’s clothes are made in our own sewing factory, we can make a difference in our packaging materials. We do not use plastic bags – our clothes are folded directly into storage boxes, from where the orders are then collected straight to the customers. With this procedure, we want to minimize the usage of plastic and save time and nature. All our online orders are packed in a paper bag, and do not contain any filling or glue. With this we can make sure that our products are tightly packed and do not take any extra room in storage or in transportation. Our mailing bags are produced out of Finnish FSC- or PFCS -certificated paper, which is ecological, recyclable, and biodegradable. The bags are decorated with PaaPii’s own recognizable owl-pattern, so you can easily reuse these delightful bags.  

We want to serve our customers as well as we can online too. By being active on social media, e-mail, and chat, we provide you with the possibility to ask anything about our products. This is our way to attempt to decrease any unnecessary returns – thus sparing nature from any extra transportations. We encourage well considered purchase decisions and do not offer free return costs. Any returned garment will go back for sale.