Baby Clothes

Paapii's delightful baby clothing collection is sure to bring a smile to your face! 

In Paapii's baby collection, you'll find onesies, dresses, sweatpants, jumpsuits, and accessories for the little one. The baby clothes are absolutely charming, featuring a variety of animal and nature themes in cheerful colours. From Bambi on forest adventures to teddy bears on oak branches, underwater escapades, exciting construction machinery, and vehicles, there are many fun motifs you can find in baby clothes. The material in the clothes is GOTS-certified organic cotton, ensuring that the clothes are gentle on the baby's sensitive skin. There are plenty of different model and motif options for both tops and bottoms, as well as jumpsuits. Our lovely and cheerful motifs will melt the hearts of both parents and grandparents! Baby clothes are available in sizes from 1-2 months to 1.5 years. Wondering which size is best for your baby? Check out our size chart to find the size that fits your baby best.

Gentle baby clothes for every important moment

Snap buttons on the onesies make it easier to dress your baby. Organic cotton is a gentle material on the skin, so your baby's sensitive skin won't be irritated by the clothes. The dyes used in our fabrics are also suitable for sensitive skin and meet the standards for safe textiles. Babies will love garments with few seams, which feel comfortable on the skin. Dressing in a onesie dress is perfect for various festive occasions. The onesie dress is as easy to put on and comfortable as a regular onesie. Compared to a regular onesie, a onesie dress, as the name suggests, is a dress with a onesie part and also has snap buttons at the neckline.

We have jumpsuits in sweatshirt knit as well as sleepsuits and baby blankets made of jersey, which complement various sleeping moments perfectly. Dress your baby warmly in a sleepsuit for the stroller and cover with a jersey blanket. The jumpsuit is perfect for all nap times or cozy moments after the evening bath.

Responsibly produced clothes for all babies

Paapii's wonderfully colourful, neutral, and fun motifs suit all babies. What could be better than knowing that your baby's clothes are responsibly made in Finland, in Paapii's own sewing factory in Kokkola? When you order products from Paapii, you can be confident that they are responsibly produced. In our online store, you'll find perfect clothes for your baby that are suitable for both playtime in everyday life and walks with the stroller. Now you can dress your baby gently and responsibly! Our assortment of baby clothes is full of favorites and finds for every season. You can create a perfect outfit for your baby from our product assortment. Our online store is open every day of the week, so you can choose suitable outfits at any time.