Our adorable clothing line for babies will make you smile!

From our collection for babies, you will find suitable onesies, overalls, sweatpants, and onesie dresses. Our kids’ clothes delight with their different animal and nature themed patterns and vivid colours. Bears sitting on a tree branch, an adventure under the water, and exiting machines and vehicles – these and many more exciting patterns can be found in PaaPii’s clothing line for babies. All our clothes are made out of GOTS -certified organic cotton – that means they are very gentle for babies’ sensitive skin.

Both bodys and sweatpants as well as overalls, can all be found in multiple different patterns ad designs! Our delightful and joyous patterns will melt your hearts! Sizes for babies’ clothes begin from 1-2 months all the way up to 1,5 years. Are you wondering which size suites your baby the best? Check out our measuring table and you will find the right size.

Gentle clothes for baby’s every important moment

Traditional onesies with snaps are easy to put on a baby. As a material, organic cotton is a gentle choice for baby’s sensitive skin. All our fabrics are dyed with tints that are in accordance with the safe textile standards.

The absolute favourites for babies are different kinds of onesies. The traditional body with sweatpants is a perfect outfit for the joyous moments in baby’s early life. A baby is happy in an outfit that has as few seams as possible – making it more comfortable. Onesie dresses are well suitable for parties and such. A onesie dress is as easy to use and as comfortable to wear as a regular body. Compared to a traditional onesie, a onesie dress is more dress-like and has snaps on its neckline.

Overalls made out of sweatshirt knit and sleeping bags made out of jersey, are well suitable for naptimes. For a walk in a stroller, dress your baby warmly in a sleeping bag and tuck up with a jersey blanket. An overall works great for napping or more comfortable situations. 

Sustainably produced clothes for all babies

PaaPii’s lovely vivid, neutral, and whimsical patterns suite all babies. And we can’t think anything more wonderful, that your baby’s clothes have been made sustainably in our own factory in Finland. When you buy PaaPii’s products, you can be sure that they are made sustainably.

From our online store, you can find just the right outfit for your baby to wear in every occasion. Now you are able to dress your baby gently and sustainably! Our clothing line for babies is filled with wonderful outfits for every season. You can build a suitable outfit for your baby out of our collection. Our online store is open every day, so you can shop for your baby at any time.