Organic baby blankets in jersey

With PaaPii's lovely blankets in jersey, you are ready for a cozy nap! Just imagine how snug the little one will feel wrapped in a warm and delightful blanket when it's time to sleep. Take the blanket on a walk with the stroller or use it to make the baby's bed for a lovely afternoon nap. The blanket can also be used on the floor as a soft and warming surface for the baby. Cute animal figures will delight your child. The baby can gaze at fascinating animal motifs while exploring a new and exciting world. The blanket has two sides, so you can switch motifs according to the day's mood. The baby is sure to find something to admire in PaaPii's blanket. 

The blankets are made of organic cotton jersey, consisting of 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. The blanket also has a hanging loop in the corner, making it easy to store on, for example, a clothing rack or a hanger.

Let the jersey blanket become a part of playtime!

Colourful blankets work excellently in children's play. Place the blanket on a cool floor and let your child play safely without getting cold. Fun puzzles quickly get built on top of a jersey blanket. Sticking stickers in the cute PaaPii notebooks is also a favorite activity among children. Driving cars and playing with animal figures along the blanket's motifs and lines is fantastic entertainment for your child. The colourful blankets provide your child with unforgettable experiences during play.

Responsibly produced blankets in jersey

PaaPii's beautifully colourful, neutral, and playful motifs spread joy and warmth to everyone in the family. What could be better than knowing that the blanket accompanying your child in play and sleep has been manufactured responsibly in Finland, in PaaPii's own sewing factory in Kokkola. When you order products from PaaPii, you can be confident that they are responsibly produced.

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Cotton blanket made in Finland for yourself or as a gift from PaaPii's online store

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