Organic Onesies for the Babies

PaaPii's organic onesies for babies are truly fantastic examples of craftsmanship. Our cute and timeless designs melt the hearts of both parents and grandparents! The clothes are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton suitable for the baby's sensitive skin. The onesies are available in sizes from 1-2 months to 1.5 years. Wondering which size is best for your baby? Check our size chart to find the perfect fit for your little one.

The most important and commonly used baby garment

A child's first piece of clothing is often a onesie. Onesies are popular among parents during the baby years because they make diaper changes much easier. Your baby will appreciate garments with as few seams as possible, making them feel comfortable. The onesie’s snap buttons make dressing the baby easier. Organic cotton is a gentle material against the skin, ensuring your baby's sensitive skin is not irritated by the clothes. The dyes used in our fabrics are also suitable for sensitive skin and meet standards for safe textiles. Combine traditional onesies with sweatpants and create gentle outfits for your baby that are perfect for everyday joyful moments.

For a good night's sleep, choose a jumpsuit in lovely cotton jersey or sweatshirt knit and a soft sleep sack as a complement to the onesie. Dress your baby warmly in multiple layers and protect your baby with a jersey blanket when you are out for a walk with the stroller. Also, explore our range of cute baby dresses with an integrated onesie.

Responsibly produced baby onesies

PaaPii's beautifully colourful, neutral, and playful motifs suit all babies. What could be better than knowing that your baby's clothes are responsibly made in Finland, in PaaPii's own sewing factory in Kokkola. When you order products from PaaPii, you can be confident that they are responsibly produced.

In our online store, you will find the perfect onesie for your baby, suitable for everyday play, and serving as a base layer in a layered wardrobe. Now you can dress your baby gently and responsibly!

Our range of baby clothes is full of favorites and finds for every season. You can create a perfect outfit for your baby from our product assortment. Our online store is open every day of the week, so you can choose and purchase suitable clothes anytime.