Cotton Jacquard

Beautiful, timeless jacquard

Is there a more delightful material for clothing and home textiles than PaaPii's lovely and soft cotton jacquard? Jacquard is a type of weaving technique. The motifs are created by weaving with yarns in different colours. PaaPii's jacquard is a smooth and multi-coloured fabric weaved into different motifs and made of 100% organic cotton without elastane. PaaPii's jacquard assortment includes well-known PaaPii motifs in fantastic colours, making it possible to sew amazing garments for different seasons. Only your imagination sets the limits!

Jacquard as part of a memorable sewing project

PaaPii's unique jacquard knits will inspire you to sew the most fantastic creations of clothing and home decor. Once you have found your woven favorite fabrics from PaaPii's assortment, you can choose threads and accessories that match them. In PaaPii's pattern book, you will find simple and clear instructions for sewing clothes. In PaaPii's pattern book for women, you'll find instructions for sewing tunics, leggings, sweatshirts, and hoodies. In PaaPii's pattern book for children and PaaPii's pattern book for babies, you'll find instructions for sewing sweatshirts, onesies, dresses, and leggings.

Order clothes in jacquard designed and sewn in Finland from PaaPii's online store

All PaaPii jacquard fabrics are designed in Finland and manufactured in Denmark. PaaPii's online store is open every day of the week, so you can get inspired and shop when it suits you! One ordering unit for 1 piece of PaaPii fabric corresponds to 10 cm. If you need, for example, 50 cm, you choose 5 pieces. If you order 25 pieces, you will get 250cm of fabric.