Neck warmers

Organic neck warmers for children

Neck warmers for children are one of the most important accessories for cold weather. Staying warm and well-dressed during winter and the transitional seasons is crucial for adults, but especially for children. When reinforcing your child's warm mid-season or winter clothing with warming accessories, outdoor play becomes much more comfortable. In addition to gloves or mittens, neck warmers for children are also part of the essential items for chilly seasons. A well-fitting and comfortably warming neck warmer for your child keeps the neck warm and helps prevent colds. And with a neck warmer made of high-quality, warming material, your child is guaranteed to stay warm around the neck.

PaaPii's neck warmers for children in merino wool

PaaPii's neck warmers for children are made of high-quality, wonderfully warm merino wool. Merino wool is a material that feels pleasant against the skin, and its fantastic natural properties allow you to stay warm while allowing the skin to breathe. Moreover, merino wool wicks moisture away from the skin, making it suitable not only for winter months but also for spring and fall, the seasons when outdoor activities often involve warmth. With a merino wool neck warmer, you always maintain the temperature at a comfortable level, and your neck is well-protected against the cold. PaaPii's merino wool neck warmer has side slits that ensure it stays perfectly in place, protecting not only the neck but also the skin on the nape. PaaPii's neck warmer comes in one size and fits children of various ages, making it usable for several winter and mid-seasons.

PaaPii's neck warmers for children – Neck warmers made in Finland

The merino wool used in PaaPii's neck warmers is mulesing-free and knitted in Kalajoki, Finland. The neck warmers are sewn with love and solar energy in PaaPii's own sewing factory in Kokkola. For PaaPii, a Finnish company, it is essential that all our clothes are manufactured in Finland. In-house production is the key to maintaining the quality, versatility, employment conditions, ethics, and responsibility for our clothes. By choosing a neck warmer from PaaPii, you support Finnish craftsmanship and make an ecological choice.

High-quality neck warmers for children from PaaPii

The Finnish company PaaPii produces high-quality neck warmers for children made of merino wool knitted in Finland. When you order a neck warmer for children from us, we recommend checking our assortment of colourful and beautifully patterned tube scarves. The tube scarf is an excellent choice for slightly warmer spring, summer, and fall days to protect your neck and nape. Welcome to shop with us in our convenient online store, open every day of the week!