Organic Sleepwear

High-quality sleepwear has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. When you dress in PaaPii sleepwear, you can enjoy a delightful journey to dreamland. Good sleepwear doesn't squeeze or irritate the skin but makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. PaaPii's organic nightgowns for women are perfect when you want to indulge in a good night's sleep. Beautiful colours and motifs inspired by nature are ideal for peaceful moments of sleep.

As a material, organic jersey is wonderfully soft and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. Beautiful dreams are almost guaranteed when you dress in lovely sleepwear, and their appearance also matters. When you want to dress comfortably and beautifully even when you sleep, you will surely find your own favorites in PaaPii's range of sleepwear.

Our designs are inspired by life around us – nature, people, animals, and poetry. A beautiful nightgown will lift your mood, and at the end of the day, you'll rest your head on the pillow contentedly. Why compromise on the quality or appearance of your sleepwear!

Sleepwear is the key to a good night's sleep

In our sleepwear collection, you'll find lovely nightgowns for those who feel chilly and those who run warm. The short-sleeved and loose nightgown is cool to sleep in during warm summer nights. In colder seasons, a long-sleeved, almost ankle-length nightgown will keep you warm all night. If you get cold, you can wear leggings with the nightgown. A loose nightgown feels so comfortable that you can hardly wait to change into sleepwear!

The morning starts well when you wake up in a comfortable and cozy garment. Especially on weekends, the nightgown is perfect when you enjoy your breakfast with the morning paper. The sleepwear is sheer and calm in colour, so the mood transfers to your dreams and even to the morning! A good night's sleep always makes your day better.

You can find responsibly produced sleepwear at PaaPii

What could be more delightful than knowing that your sleepwear is responsibly manufactured in Finland, in PaaPii's own sewing factory in Kokkola? When you order products from PaaPii, you can be confident that they are responsibly produced. In the product assortment in our online store, you'll find sleepwear that suits you and works for both sleeping during the night and delightful evenings at home.

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