Beautiful nightwear for beautiful dreams. A comfortable, organic jersey nightgown won’t let you down, while looking for peaceful dreams. Comfortable nightwear will make you feel relaxed, and it won’t squeeze or irritate your skin. PaaPii’s women's nightgowns are all made in Finland with love and solar power.

It's nice to dress comfortably and beautifully for the night. Sensitive colours and nature themed print designs are made for calm and relaxing nightwear. Organic jersey is a wonderfully soft material that feels delightful on your skin. When you wear a comfortable nightgown, sweet dreams are guaranteed.

A beautiful nightgown lifts your spirits up and at the end of the day, you will happily go to sleep. If you choose your daytime clothes carefully, why not do the same with your nightwear? It matters what you wear, if you want to sleep well. If you want to dress both beautifully and comfortably, you don’t have to compromise – you will find perfect nightwear from PaaPii’s collection!

Key to a good night’s sleep

From our nightwear collection, you will find organic nightgowns for every season. A loose, short sleeved nightie is a good choice for warm, summer nights. For more cooler season you might want a long sleeved, almost ankle-length nightgown to keep you warm the whole night threw. If you feel easily chilly, you can combine a long nightgown with organic jersey leggnings, and warm merino wool leg warmers

A loose nightgown is so comfortable that you will want to wear it all the time! Mornings will begin smoothly when you are dressed in a garment so wonderful, you can’t stop smiling. Picture yourself in a nice, beautiful nightgown, reading the newspaper and drinking coffee on a slow and relaxed morning. As for the colours, our nightwear collection is sensitive and calm, so that the calm feeling will relate your dreams, and to the mornings as well! A good night’s sleep will make your day dreamy!

Sustainable nightwear made in Finland

We can’t think of anything more wonderful than to know that your nightwear is made sustainably in our own sewing factory in Finland. When you order PaaPii products, you can be sure that they are sustainably made.

From our online store you will find just the right organic nightgown for you. Though the nightwear is so wonderful you won’t want to take them off, you will eventually have to change to your everyday clothes. Check out our clothing collection for women – it is filled with lovely pieces for every season! You can build your whole outfit out of our collection. Our online store is open every day, so you can shop when ever you feel like it!