Hoodies go well with many tastes and styles. Now a hoodie can be a part of a trendy style. Women’s hoodies have come here to stay. A multipurpose hoodie can be combined with dresses, skirts as well as pants. PaaPii’s Halla -hoodie is made out of organic sweatshirt making the hoodie soft and comfortable to wear. A hoodie can be used in multiple occasions!

Are you wondering which size will suite you the best? Check our measuring table for just the right size for you.

Lovely patterned hoodies 

PaaPii’s women’s hoodies are different than basic hoodies. Our hoodie has a plentiful collar, which warms shoulders nicely and rises neatly as a hood. Nowadays a beautiful hoodie is well suited for work too. For a neat and casual outfit, you can combine a hoodie with jeans. For a little bolder style, wear a leather jacket or -leggings with your hoodie. For sports, a hoodie goes well with sporty and stretchy pants. 

Practicality and versatility are the very best things about hoodies. For any weather or occasion, a hoodie is a top choice as your outfit. Now you can choose to be stylish and comfortable at the same time! 

PaaPii’s sustainably made hoodies are made in Finland

We can’t think anything more wonderful than to know, that your hoodie has been sustainably made in our own sewing factory in Finland. When you buy PaaPii’s products, you can be sure that they have been sustainably produced. 

From our online store you are able to find the right outfits just for you – what ever the occasion. Now you can dress nicely, spectacularly as well as sustainably! You will find brightly patterned as well as single coloured hoodies for every season from our collection. 

Our online store is open every day, so you can pick your outfits at any time!