PaaPii’s beautifully patterned dresses are a top choice for children’s birthday parties as well as for everyday life. Even little kids can be very picky on what they want to wear. For some children, comfort is the most important thing while picking an outfit. Comfortable materials, practicality and looks often determine what children want to wear. Dresses are great for kids especially because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. PaaPii’s dresses are made of organic cotton jersey, so they stretch and conform as children play and go about their lively days. 

Are you wondering which size to pick for your kid? Check our measuring table where you will find the best size. 

Sleeved or sleeveless – dresses for every season

Kids dresses suite many occasions. On a warm summer day, a sleeveless dress is an excellent choice leaving arms bare, so the child won’t get so hot while playing. For the cooler days you can combine a sleeveless dress with different kinds of PaaPii’s t-shirts and longsleeved shirts. 

With a longsleeved dress you can dress your kid in leggings or sweatpants. You can mix different styles and colours nicely with bright patterns and different colours. 

Get your sustainably made dresses from PaaPii

We can’t think anything more wonderful than to know, that your child’s dress has been sustainably made in our own sewing factory in Finland. When you order our products, you can be sure that they have been produced sustainably. 

From our online store you are able to find just the right outfit for your kid. You can encourage your child to dress nicely and sustainably and to find their own style! Our kids’ collection is filled with wonderful things for every season. You can build an entire outfit suiting your child from our collection. Our online store is open every day of the week, so you can shop together any time you like!