Organic sleepwear for children

PaaPii's sleepwear for children ensures a delightful and comfortable night's sleep for your child. Captivating motifs and cheerful colours inspire the child to dress in sleepwear and prepare to embark on a journey to dreamland with a story! The soft and warm night clothes for children are made of organic cotton jersey, which does not irritate or itch the child's sensitive skin.

PaaPii's organic sleepwear for children guarantees a restful night's sleep

Take a look at our entire assortment so that you can find the sleepwear your child likes. Children can be very particular about the colours and motifs on their sleepwear. Sometimes only animal motifs or simple pink nightgowns will do. It is important to listen to the child's opinions even when choosing sleepwear so that the child can feel comfortable. The motifs on nightgowns are nature- and animal-themed, so the child will surely find something that suits their preferences. Sleep becomes even better in comfortable sleepwear.

Choose a comfortable pajama for your child, including both a top and bottom part

You can choose either a set in the same motif  and colour or solid-coloured pants and a patterned top. The long sleeves keep your child warm even while sleeping.
The delightful design makes the nightgowns extra fun to sleep in. You and your loved ones can enjoy a wonderful sleep in sleepwear in many different colours and motifs. A pajama is the top choice for many children's sleepwear, as they feel wonderfully comfortable for the best evening games and are perfect for enjoying magical bedtime stories. The pajamas look nice at the dinner table, and breakfast tastes even better when enjoyed in comfortable and cozy sleepwear. Even the child's morning starts better when they have their favorite sleepwear on!

Order responsibly produced sleepwear from PaaPii

What could be more delightful than knowing that your child's sleepwear is responsibly manufactured in Finland, in Kokkola. When you order products from PaaPii, you can be confident that they are responsibly produced. In our online store, you can find the perfect outfit for your child, suitable for both bedtime and cozy evenings at home.

After the night, it's time to put on stylish everyday clothes. Also, check out our entire assortment of children's clothes and make some stylish designer finds. You can create an outfit that suits your child from our versatile range of children's clothes. Our online store is open every day of the week, so you can choose the right outfits at any time.