Beautiful Birch veneer Coasters by PaaPii

A beautiful table setting adds a touch of elegance to your dinner and coffee moments. Table setting plays a crucial role, especially during festive meals and cake celebrations, but a beautiful table setting can also elevate a more casual moment at the dining or coffee table. The elements that make up a table setting often have both a practical and a visual function. Coasters are a great example of such a table item.

With coasters, you can avoid unwanted rings on the table or tablecloth due to spills in combination with glass bottoms. Whether it's a kitchen table or a coffee table, it's good to have coasters close at hand. When you purchase coasters from PaaPii, you not only get practical but also beautiful details under your glasses.

In PaaPii's assortment, you'll find coasters in a variety of colours and shapes. These incredibly beautiful coasters are a joy to showcase and use as a complement to your table setting. Our coasters are designed and manufactured in Finland, made of birch veneer. The wooden base is treated with an environmentally friendly melamine coating that withstands heat and wear.

Choose your favorite from our wide selection of coasters. Make sure to buy a sufficient number of coasters at once to create a cohesive table setting for larger groups. Our coasters also make an excellent gift!