PaaPii's delightful trivets

Practical things like pot holders or trivets, form the foundation of every functional kitchen. PaaPii's trivets are made of birch veneer and excel in their practical task, and being highly heat-resistant, you can place a hot pot or coffee pot on them without any issues. With their unique and beautiful appearance, PaaPii's trivets also become a wonderful detail in your kitchen decor. PaaPii's trivets should be prominently displayed in the kitchen!

Every trivet from PaaPii is both designed and manufactured in Finland. The material used for trivets is birch veneer, coated with environmentally friendly melamine. High-quality melamine not only withstands heat but also resists wear, preserving the surface of the trivet.

 In PaaPii's assortment of trivets, there are wonderful colours and motifs, such as lovely flower and animal motifs. PaaPii's trivets are also perfect for serving, creating a nice, colourful detail when setting the table.