Kitchen & Table settings

Beautiful elements for table setting from PaaPii

PaaPii's Kitchen & Serving category includes a fantastic range of wooden products to decorate the spaces where you love to spend time. Cleanliness is a virtue, they say. Table setting also plays a crucial role during meals and coffee breaks, especially on weekends and festive days. Tableware forms the basis of every setting and is nicely complemented by various table decorations. With PaaPii's colourful glass coasters, for example, you can add distinctive details and provide an elegant, decorative touch to the table setting effortlessly.

In addition to tableware and decorations, trays also serve as beautiful details in the setting. At PaaPii, you'll find trays in exciting and fun motifs and in a variety of colours. There are both round and rectangular trays, and you can easily combine multiple trays in the same colour to create a cohesive table setting.

In PaaPii's assortment of serving items, there are also lovely gift items for those who appreciate a beautiful table setting. If you or someone you care about enjoys decorating the kitchen, trivets and cutting boards with beautiful, colourful, and playful motifs can give the kitchen a fresh look.

When looking for gifts, a gift card from PaaPii is an excellent choice because when you purchase one, the recipient can choose their favorite products from our extensive range. You can buy a gift card with the desired amount directly from our online store.