Christmas fabrics

Joyful Christmas fabrics for the joyous season

From our Christmas collection you will find festive animal and nature themed cotton fabrics for multiple use. Christmas curtains or tablecloths are easy to make from our colourful cotton fabrics. A Christmas stocking for smaller presents can be made out of one coloured sweatshirt knit, and for the whole family – why not make matching Christmas shirts out of cheerfully patterned organic jersey!

All our fabrics are of organic base. Our Christmas collection includes also single coloured and patterned jersey, sweatshirt, and ribbing. Whether you are sewing Christmas curtains or a Christmas hat – we have the most beautiful and whimsical Christmas fabrics for you!

Matching Christmas outfits for the Christmas pictures

PaaPii’s whimsical patterned jersey and sweatshirt knit can be used to make merry outfits and Christmas hats for the whole family. For mother a beautiful tunic, father a joyous shirt, children adorable dresses and overalls – all the fabrics needed for these can be found in PaaPii’s Christmas collection. If you are having trouble with deciding what to make – check out our helpful pattern books for women and children! From the children’s pattern book, you will find multiple PaaPii’s patterns for lovely and comfortable kid’s clothes: shirts, dresses, tunics, and sweatpants. Your favourite garments on the other hand might be found in our patter nbook for women. Now you are able to make your favourite clothes with our joyful Christmas fabrics! PaaPii’s playful and colourful Christmas fabrics suite well both children and adults!

This is how you order fabrics from our online store

One ordering unit of our fabrics equals 10 cm of fabric. If you need 100 cm of fabric, you choose 10 as your ordering units. 7 for 70 cm and so on. You can choose just the right fabrics and amounts you need from our online store. Our online store is open every day, so you can order your fabrics as soon as the inspiration hits you!