Sweatshirt knit

Sweatshirt knit in organic cotton

PaaPii's inspiring and colourful assortment of sweatshirt knits in organic cotton includes a variety of colours with the well-known PaaPii motifs. You can sew a dress, a hoodie, a sweatshirt, sweatpants, or even leggings from PaaPii's sweatshirt knits.

Relaxed, more relaxed, the most relaxed sweatshirt knits

PaaPii's sweatshirt knits are made of 96% comfortable, stretchy, high-quality organic cotton and 4% elastane. Once you've found your favorite fabric, you can choose the sewing threads that match it. Note that the sewing threads are named after PaaPii colours to make it as easy as possible to find a suitable match. In PaaPii's extensive assortment, you'll also find solid-coloured and striped ribbing fabrics. As a guiding star on your unforgettable sewing journey, PaaPii has three inspiring pattern books that provide simple and clear instructions for sewing various clothes for different ages. In PaaPii's pattern book for women, you'll find instructions for sewing tunics, leggings, sweatshirts, dresses, and hoodies. In PaaPii's pattern book for children and PaaPii's pattern book for babies, you'll find instructions for sewing onesies, dresses, sweatshirts, sweatpants and leggings.

Order unique sweatshirt knits in cotton designed in Finland

All of PaaPii's jersey and sweatshirt knits are designed in Finland and manufactured in Europe, in a GOTS- and Öko-Tex-certified factory. GOTS certification guarantees that the fabric is organically and ethically produced from start to finish. Öko-Tex guarantees that the fabric is safe for both sensitive skin and the environment. Our online store is open every day of the week. You can start planning your next sewing project and shop when it suits you best. An ordering unit for 1 piece of fabric corresponds to 10 cm. If you need, for example, 50 cm, you choose 5 pieces. If you order 25 pieces, you'll get 250 cm of fabric.

Are the colours of PaaPii's fabrics always the same?
PaaPii has a variety of fabrics with different characteristics, such as solid- coloured jersey and printed jersey. Solid fabrics are dyed throughout, while printed fabrics are usually printed on white fabric. Additionally, there may be differences in colour tones between materials due to the base material and dyeing technique. We always try to keep the shades as similar as possible, but sometimes there may be slight differences. If the difference in shade is significant, we usually don't sell it under the same colour name to avoid misunderstandings.

Why does PaaPii’s fabrics contain elastane?
Elastane enhances the fabric's flexibility and comfort due to its elasticity. Additionally, elastane contributes to the fabric's stretchability and ability to return to its original shape.