Sewing threads

High-Quality Sewing Threads

When you sew things yourself, you can create clothes, accessories, and home decor items in the exact style you desire. DIY, or do-it-yourself manufacturing, means that clothing and other textile products can be made from a variety of materials, patterns, and designs. PaaPii is an excellent choice as a supplier of both quality fabrics and sewing accessories when you want to design and create unique clothing and home textiles.

Sewing threads are one of the most crucial accessories for sewing. When you have quality thread to sew with, the end result is also of higher quality and more durable. In addition to quality, it's also essential that the thread's colour matches the fabric to make the final result as beautiful as possible. By choosing PaaPii's sewing threads, you can be confident that the threads are of very high quality, and you can choose the threads you need from our extensive range of colours.

Sewing threads that match PaaPii fabrics

PaaPii's sewing threads are carefully selected for our online store. The colours of our sewing threads have been chosen to beautifully match the various fabrics in PaaPii's assortment. Most of our sewing threads are German Gütermann threads made of 100% polyester, which are optimal for sewing fabrics with elastic properties.

Sew clothes and home textiles with certified PaaPii fabrics

Before choosing sewing threads in suitable colours, we recommend exploring PaaPii's fantastic and inspiring assortment of fabrics. With the wide range of motifs and colours in our fabric collection, you can create beautiful and unique clothing, curtains, cushion covers, or other home textiles from our fabrics. Whether you're looking for cotton fabrics, cotton jersey fabrics or sweatshirt knit, merino wool fabrics, woven cotton jacquard or ribbed jersey fabrics, we have it all.

PaaPii fabrics are designed in Finland and manufactured in Lithuania in a GOTS- and Oeko-Tex-certified factory. The GOTS certification guarantees that the fabric's manufacturing process is ethical and ecological from start to finish. The Oeko-Tex certificate, in turn, ensures that the fabric is safe for both the environment and sensitive skin.

Order sewing threads conveniently from PaaPii

When you're looking for high-quality sewing threads, PaaPii is the right place to buy these threads. Let your imagination flow when it comes to colours and purchase sewing thread in several beautiful shades at once. You can easily place orders in our online store, which is open 24/7!