Tuisku & Tuike cotton, red

Tuisku & Tuike cotton, red

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This kit includes a pattern to make five Tuisku and Tuike characters.

Ready made sizes are approximately 20cm and 45cm.
Material: 100% cotton

In addition to your sewing machine you will need scissors, pins, needles, thread and filling.

1. Cut out the templates from the sheet.

2. Place your front and back sides together with the right sides facing each other and sew around. Remember to leave an opening at the bottom for turning. 

3. Fold bottom seam, align with side seam and sew the corner. Repeat on the other corner. 

4. Turn the plushie inside out and stuff. 

5. Sew up the opening using a hidden stitch. Ready! 

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Designers: Anniina Isokangas
Size: width 150cm
Material: 100% cotton
Wash: Pre-wash 60 °C and then machine wash 40 °C. Do not tumble dry.
Designed in Finland, made in EU.
Squareweight: 150g
Shrinkage: ~5%
We are a truly responsible, domestic design company.
All our clothes are made in our own sewing.
We have our own, unbridled path without the limits of trends.
Everything does not need to be so serious. Joy gives birth to ideas!


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Tuisku & Tuike cotton, red