Puzzles & Card games

Entertaining puzzles from PaaPii

Various PaaPii puzzles offer enjoyable entertainment for all ages. Whether it's dull outside or you're in the mood for a nice indoor activity, it's always a smart solution to bring out an engaging puzzle. Whether it's a PaaPii puzzle or a card game, they are not only entertaining but also a delight to the eyes due to their exquisite design.

PaaPii's puzzles have 20 pieces that form an adorable picture when the puzzle is complete. Animals and other playful illustrations attract little fingers to assemble these puzzles over and over again. The A4-sized puzzle is designed and manufactured in Finland from high-quality cardboard.

PaaPii's card games, designed and made in Finland, enable fun and exciting game days even for adults. The back of these cards differs from regular playing cards with their beautiful design. The deck includes 52 playing cards and three joker cards, and thanks to its compact size, you can easily take it on trips. It's always good to have several different games at home, and, in addition, PaaPii's high-quality puzzles are an excellent gift choice for both children and adults!