Beautiful postcards from PaaPii

Giving or sending a card is a lovely and appreciated gesture. A card is a nice way to express gratitude to loved ones and acquaintances, and there's hardly anything that can surpass the feeling of receiving a card personally addressed to you. PaaPii's beautiful postcards are delightful to both give and receive. Each of these lovely cards, in playful colour combinations, is sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face.

At PaaPii, you'll find plenty of fantastic options in our assortment of cards. Our card assortment offers various alternatives to congratulate someone on their birthday or name day, and our selection of invitation cards is a perfect way to invite guests to the party. Here, you'll also find beautiful Christmas cards. You can also send a card as a surprise anytime – a card in the mailbox is undoubtedly an appreciated greeting that brings joy to everyone.

PaaPii's high-quality postcards are designed and manufactured in Finland. The different types of cards are available for purchase either individually or as a convenient set of postcards, where you get multiple cards at once. Choose your favorites among our beautiful cards with delightful illustrations. It's always good to have cards on hand for future needs, so why not update your entire card collection at once!