Wallets & Purses

PaaPii's wallets and coin purses for a smoother everyday life

Whether you're on the go or travelling, you need to pack a variety of accessories. Handbags, backpacks, and purses can hold larger quantities, but smaller storage solutions are also needed. PaaPii's wallets and coin purses are both functional and beautiful solutions for convenient storage of cash, payment cards, and small items.

PaaPii's beautifully designed clasp purse has room for both cash and payment cards. The purse is sewn in 100% organic cotton satin, designed and manufactured in Finland, and the top has a metal clasp that makes it sturdy and durable. The clasp purse is available in a variety of beautiful colours and motifs.

PaaPii's lovely coin purses in a range of colours are practical solutions for storing small items that tend to get lost in the backpack or bag. The coin purse is also suitable for coins. PaaPii's coin purses are made in Finland from 100% cotton and have a zipper.

Wallets and coin purses are also an excellent gift idea for anyone who appreciates beautiful and practical products. Buy both at the same time and enjoy both functional storage solutions and exquisite design!

Does PaaPii have its own factory store?
PaaPii has its own factory store. The store is located in Kokkola, Finland, near Highway 8, at Terminaalikatu 7. In the same building, we also have our own sewing factory, where we sew all our clothes and manage our inventory.

What can I buy at PaaPii's factory store?
In the factory store, you can find fabrics at kilogram prices as well as defective products at reduced prices. Additionally, the latest collection and current products
are displayed in the store. The entire inventory for the online store is under the same roof, so products purchased online are also available in the factory store.